Avoid Accidents

Medications are the leading cause of child poisoning in the US.

Avoid Accidents with Safer Lock

Prevent Abuse

Every day more than 1,600 teens begin abusing prescription drugs.

Prevent Drug Abusewith Safer Lock

Safer Lock

Safer Lock is a patented 4-­digit combination locking cap designed to prevent misuse or abuse of in-home medications and other substances that should be kept out of curious hands.

It’s as simple as…

  1. Choose a combination
  2. Lock the cap
  3. Rest easy

Live Safer

As a parent, your most important job is keeping your kids safe and healthy. Safer Lock just made your job a little easier.

Would you leave the contents of your medicine cabinet within arms reach of curious kids?

Keep your medicine, prescription medication, and even over-­the­-counter vitamins locked away, and safely out of the hands of curious babies, kids, and teens.