Mind Your Meds

Safer Lock is a patented 4-­digit combination locking cap designed to prevent misuse or abuse of prescription and other medications.


Prevent Abuse

Today’s deadly opioid epidemic is the largest public health crisis facing our nation. And every day, more than 3000 teens begin abusing prescription drugs. Keep your family safe with a Safer Lock.


Live Safer

Every day, hundreds of young children end up in the ER because they got their hands on prescription medications, vitamins or other dangerous drugs. Keep your medications – and your children – safe with a Safer Lock.

Accidents Don’t Wait

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Safer Lock

The Safer Lock secures your medications with a patented 4-digit combination locking cap. You choose the combination, set the lock, and rest easy knowing your medications are secure.  Live safer.


Safer Lock Multi-Packs & Cases

The same great Safer Lock is now available in multi-packs and cases!  Along with the combination locking caps and bottles, these quantity products are packaged in retail boxes and include counter top display packaging.

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