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Public opinion on marijuana has evolved in recent years as more and more states legalize marijuana for medical and/ or recreational use. If you’ve taken advantage of recent legalization and keep marijuana in the home, it’s vital that you keep your supply locked up tight, just like you would any other medication

Here are the three biggest reasons why.

#1: Locking Weed Storage Can Help Keep Your Kids Safe

While pot can have certain benefits for adults, studies have shown that it may be detrimental to teen’s brain development. It can also pose a safety risk to very young children, too.

If you keep marijuana in the house, medicine best practices are to make sure it’s stored safely in order to help protect your kids from experimentation, or worse.

Prevent Teen Experimentation.

Teens views of marijuana have been changing along with the rest of the country’s. More and more teens view marijuana as harmless, and easy access to marijuana may lead to experimentation.

A good storage system helps deter your kids from experimenting with your marijuana and getting themselves in trouble.

Helps Safeguard Against CPS Issues.

The attitudes of Child Protective Services towards parental marijuana use aren’t necessarily evolving at the same rate as public opinion. There have been horrifying stories of parents whose marijuana use has led to custody nightmares with CPS.

According to a CPS spokesperson, “CPS policy does not differentiate between medical and nonmedical use of marijuana.” That means your medical use of marijuana could be viewed by CPS as harmful to your child’s welfare.

For marijuana users, locking medicine storage is more than just an important part of child-proofing your house. It can help you prevent disastrous custody battles with CPS.

If you live with children or teens, it is imperative that you keep marijuana locked up in a secure container. Store the container out of sight and well out of reach of any minors.

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#2: Helps Prevent Accidental Poisoning

Proper weed storage can save lives.


Just like storing your prescriptions safely, locking up your weed helps prevent accidental poisoning.

Pot poisoning is a serious problem, especially for small kids. According to the National Capital Poison Center, young children have been seriously poisoned by swallowing medical marijuana. Cookies, cakes and candies containing medical marijuana are especially tempting.

Symptoms of pot poisoning include:

  • Sleepiness and dizziness
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Chest pain
  • Vomiting
  • Coma

That’s why it’s crucial to lock up ALL of your marijuana and marijuana products, either with a locking cap or with a medicine lock box that allows you to store all of your edibles and supplies safely.

If that’s not enough to convince you of the importance of a medicine lock box for your pot, kids aren’t the only ones who suffer from pot poisoning.

It also affects pets.

The effects of pot poisoning in pets can be moderate to severe, and in some cases may even be life threatening. Many of the symptoms are the same in pets, including lethargy, vomiting, and coma.

#3: Protect Yourself From Theft

Locking storage doesn’t just keep your kids, teens, and pets safe… it helps keep you safe too!

Unsecured marijuana can be tempting, and not just to unknown thieves or criminals. You may not even realize how many people have regular access to your home and may know where you keep your marijuana.

  • Your kids’ friends
  • Anyone who comes inside to use the bathroom or the phone
  • Handymen and contractors working in your home
  • Family and guests from out of town
  • House sitters, pet sitters, or baby sitters

Locking up your weed can help protect you from theft and possible break-ins.

It’s just as important to lock up your marijuana as it is your other medications. Like prescription painkillers, weed may be both beneficial and harmful. Organizations like CPS and the Family Law and Cannabis Alliance recommend locking your weed up out of site because it works. Lock boxes and locking caps can help prevent deadly accidents and addiction, especially if you have children and teens at home.