The Origin of Safer Lock™

Behind this revolutionary invention are two inventors with an amazing story. While Joseph and Nathan knew many of their friends were experimenting with their parents’ prescriptions, the issue turned deeply personal when when Joseph’s younger brother became addicted to prescription pain killers.

They saw first hand just how destructive the prescription abuse epidemic can be. That this epidemic was mostly unaddressed by the medical and regulatory communities was equally upsetting for them. Something had to be done.

Lock ’em Up

Joseph and Nathan began working on a solution to help prevent prescription pill addiction. After several years of engineering and prototypes, they developed an easy-to-use medicine bottle cap designed to prevent unauthorized access to prescription medication. The cap has a four-digit, 10,000-combination lock that can be set to a patient’s preference.

Without knowing the combination, no one can access the prescription inside the bottle. This is a particularly effective deterrent for children and teens.

Company Vision

Gatekeeper Innovation saves lives endangered by prescription drug abuse. We make affordable products that reduce abuse potential and, in doing so, change unhealthy norms in our society.

Our prescription-locking products present a unique, economical solution to the epidemic of unauthorized prescription access. Notwithstanding recent regulatory improvements, this epidemic will continue unless addressed at the point of drug access.

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