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The recent legal discourse surrounding weed ensures that it will continue to play a role, whether medicinally or otherwise, in communities across the nation. The benefits of marijuana as a medicine are just beginning to be explored. While the fed still considers marijuana to be an illegal drug, state governments are softening to the idea of medicinal and recreational weed. This shifting legal ground makes the proper storage of your weed more important than ever.

The Future of Legal Marijuana

The public opinion on weed has changed dramatically over the last two decades. Since 1996, 23 states and Washington DC have legalized medical marijuana; four other states, along with DC, have legalized recreational marijuana as well.

In March, the Supreme Court turned down a case challenging Colorado’s marijuana law by a margin of 6 to 2. Opponents of legalization have argued that marijuana can’t be regulated by states since it is banned under the federal Controlled Substances Act. Proponents of legalization counter that while congress can make weed illegal on a federal level, it cannot force a state to enforce that prohibition.

With marijuana on the ballot in even more states this fall, both sides of the issue look forward to further debating the issue in the coming year.

As legalization is considered by the states, so are regulations concerning the way weed is stored by people who use it.

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How Do Marijuana Laws Impact Weed Storage?

If you have a prescription or choose to use legal marijuana, the recent legal changes impact how you store your weed. As more people gain access to newly-legal weed, they will need to be aware of how to best store their stash.

Laws in states where weed is legal for recreational or medicinal purposes often dictate how marijuana must be stored. For example, in Oregon, Colorado, and Washington it must be sold and kept in childproof containers. While childproof caps are much safer storage than regular capping bottles, it’s also more than possible for children to figure out how to open them.

When deciding what weed storage is best for you, consider a medicine lock box or locking cap for extra security.

If you use or medicate with marijuana, check to see what other regulations are in place in your state. Some states require marijuana be clearly labeled, or stored in an opaque container. Regulations vary widely from state to state for those that grow, distribute, or consume marijuana.

What Else Do I Need to Know about Storing My Medicine?

In most of the states where marijuana is legal, it is legal for medicinal purposes only (except the four states and DC where it’s legal recreationally). Even where the use of recreational weed is permitted, it is important to remember that marijuana can pose a danger to children and teens. As with any medication or dangerous substance, keep your supply of marijuana locked up and out of the hands of others.

The following tips will help you keep your marijuana safe and secure:

  • Make sure you possess the legal amount or less. Check to see what the restrictions in your state are.
  • Make sure your marijuana is secured with a locking pill bottle or in a medicine lock box.
  • Make sure you store your medicine out of sight and out of reach of children.

Don’t leave marijuana lying around in any other form. Store edibles such as brownies or cookies out of reach of children, preferably in a medicine lock box or other locking container.

The recent changes in how marijuana is regulated legally reflect our shifting culture- people are warming up to the idea of medicinal and recreational weed. As the drug becomes more widely used, how consumers store their weed will become increasingly important. If you choose to consume marijuana, give a thought to how you will store it. Knowing local regulations and the best safety procedures, such as keeping your stash locked up and far out of the reach of children, will help protect both you and your family.