Powerful Partnership with Midwestern Baseball Families Hits Grand Slam via Program to Prevent Opioid Abuse

May 31, 2017

Gatekeeper Innovation, the parent company of the Safer Lock, is proud to announce a powerful partnership with REACH Fundraising and Nations Baseball, who have teamed up to keep prescription medications out of the hands of young athletes in the Midwest. This program delivers a pre-emptive strike against the abuse of prescription opioid medications, the largest public health crisis facing the nation today, as addiction to prescription pain pills reaches epidemic proportions.

REACH fundraising, a leading provider of fundraising products and anti-bullying services to schools and sports associations throughout the U.S., will work with Nations Baseball by offering Safer Locks to the players’ families at the upcoming Nations Ohio State Championship Tournament. The tournament will be held at Berliner Sports Park in Columbus, Ohio, the country’s largest baseball venue, beginning June 14, 2017. More than 500 teams and 7,000 players,­ REACH, Safer Lock, and Bob Holmes, a public speaker on bullying known as the One-Man Volleyball Team™, will attend the tournament. Nations Baseball teams will directly benefit from all funds raised through the sale of Safer Locks, which will help offset the costs for play throughout the summer and fall months.

Safer Lock is an abuse-deterrent prescription bottle designed to keep kids of all ages from accessing prescription medications. According to the Centers for Disease Control, only 3% of American households lock up their prescriptions, yet 70% of abused medications originate in the home. Teens are at particular risk because the developing brain is vulnerable to early exposure to drugs or alcohol, which can set the stage for a lifetime struggle with chemical dependency.

This partnership is a home run for Nations Baseball players and their families. REACH is committed to placing 1,000,000 Safer Locks this coming year in the communities they serve, starting with the players’ families.

“Athletes are not exempt from drug misuse and abuse. The common misconception of ‘Not my children…they’d never touch drugs’ leaves families vulnerable to the devastation of casual ‘experimentation’ and addiction. This partnership marks the beginning of innovative parent education that puts a practical and effective prevention tool into the hands of Nations baseball families and  – over the next year – more than a million American homes,” explains Sandy Hancock, the VP of Sales for Gatekeeper Innovation. “With the simple but powerful Safer Lock, we can deter drug abuse where it so often starts – inside the home.”

Safer Lock is a four-digit combination locking cap (with 10,000 possible combinations) designed to prevent unauthorized access to prescription medication. The Safer Lock cap fits a wide variety of prescription bottles. Patients set the combination to their personal preference, and it cannot be opened or changed without being set for the correct current combination. If the bottle shows signs of tamper, it sets the stage for discussion within the family. For more information, go to SaferLockRX.com

REACH fundraising is a leading supplier of fundraising products and services to schools and sports associations throughout the country. REACH recently launched a national proprietary platform for schools to manage anti-bullying initiatives to obtain better compliance around state and federal anti-bullying mandates. For more information, go to www.antibullyinginitiative.com


To request a media sample or for additional information, contact Sandy Hancock at shancock@gatekeeperinnovation.com or 916.521.7870