Parent Pathway

Parent Pathway provides information, help, community and hope to the parents of teens addicted to drugs and alcohol. It has been created by parents who understand what it is like to have a child struggling with addiction. Their goal is to let parents know that they are not alone, others have traveled this path and we are here to help. Our desire is that you will find a sense of hope and community along with helpful resources

Addiction Blog

Addiction Blog is an online journal that documents alcohol and drug addiction and its treatment. They support the idea that people living in long term recovery are called into advocacy for the still sick and suffering, and is interested in sharing ideas throughout the recovery community.

EYE in America

EYE in America was formed to enlighten the public about the rising prescription drug abuse epidemic affecting children and teens, while offering solutions to those affected by this nationwide problem. We are committed to being part of the resolution to prescription drug abuse and have developed an array of programs, useful guides, partnership, and products that reinforce this mission.

Every day 2,500 kids abuse prescription medications for the first time. That number is sure to rise unless the public takes a proactive stance in combating this epidemic. EYE in America founder Joseph Simpson is one of the many Americans who watched a sibling grapple with prescription drug addiction. Deeply affected by his brothers’ addiction, Simpson continues to work tirelessly to garner awareness and develop solutions to this nationwide problem. This organization is a result of these efforts.

EYE in America – Keeping an Eye on Adolescent Rx Abuse offers visitors methods to prevent prescription drug abuse and solutions to those who are already misusing. We share and collect personal stories in hopes to create an ongoing dialogue between the millions of people affected by prescription drug abuse, because our worst enemy is denial.