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This special BOGO offer gives you TWO Safer Locks for the price of one!

Keep your family safe with the Safer Lock cap. The patented combination lock lets you store your medications securely. Includes two (2) bottles, combination locking caps, reset pin, and instructions.

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The Safer Lock cap secures your medications with a patented 4-digit combination cap. You choose the combination, set the lock, and rest easy knowing your medications are secure.

The Safer Lock cap gives you peace of mind. Never lose a key or worry about your children opening a child-proof cap. You can secure your medications away and out of the reach of curious fingers. Safer Lock lets you prevent accidental poisonings and discourages prescription drug abuse.

Discourage Abuse, Misuse, and Prescription Theft

Locking your prescription medications with a secure Safer Lock combination lock can deter prescription abuse, misuse, and theft. The Safer Lock bottle was developed as a solution to the problem of prescription drug abuse, which often starts in the home from easy access to unsecured medications.

By locking up your prescriptions, you can deter experimentation and abuse that can lead to prescription drug addiction.

Securing your medications in a Safer Lock bottle can also protect you from being a victim of prescription theft, whether you keep your medications in your home or carry them with you in a purse, briefcase, backpack, or suitcase.

Protect Your Family

Safer Lock protects young children from accidental medication poisoning or overdose. The majority of accidental poisonings to children ages 5 and under occur inside the home. Medications are the leading cause of child poisonings in the US.  The Safer Lock is certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as child resistant and senior-friendly.

How Does the Safer Lock Work?

The Safer Lock uses a four-digit combination locking cap that can be used on the included Safer Lock bottle or your existing prescription bottles. You choose the combination and set the lock. The right combination is needed to open a bottle once it has been secured with a Safer Lock.

The Safer Lock is moisture-resistant, child-proof, and the combination lock is easy to use. Register your combination with us for easy retrieval and you won’t have to worry about forgetting your personal code. If you need to reset your combination to something new, you can change it at any time.

Included in Your Purchase

When you purchase this special BOGO offer, you receive 2 Safer Locks to protect your medications from misuse and theft. Your order includes:

  • 2 Safer Lock combination locking caps
  • 2 Safer Lock bottles
  • 2 Reset Pins


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