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Ever feel like your teen is speaking an entirely different language than you are? Between text acronyms and slang terms, they actually are. If you are trying to keep a look out for signs of teen drug abuse, then knowing the current slang and street terms for drugs is a must. Keep an ear open for any of these terms popping up in your teen’s conversations with their friends.

35 terms to know to spot teen drug abuse:

  • Molly – MDMA, 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, the chemical used to make Ecstasy
  • Ivory Wave – Bath salts, drugs containing the hallucinatory chemical mephedrone
  • Bloom – Bath salts
  • Cloud Nine – Bath salts
  • Lunar Wave – Bath salts
  • Vanilla Sky – Bath salts
  • White Lightning – Bath salts
  • Scarface – Bath salts
  • Robotripping – OTC cough medicines containing DXM (dextromethorphan)
  • Orange Crush – OTC cough medicines
  • Skittles – OTC cough medicines
  • Velvet Syrup or Syrup – OTC cough medicines
  • Spice – Synthetic marijuana
  • Incense – Synthetic marijuana
  • K2 – Synthetic marijuana
  • Poppers – Inhalant
  • Whippets – Inhalant
  • Snow – Cocaine
  • Charlie – Cocaine
  • Crack – Cocaine
  • Coke – Cocaine
  • Dust – Cocaine
  • Candy – Cocaine
  • Powder – Cocaine
  • Rock – Cocaine
  • Yay – Cocaine
  • YayO – Cocaine
  • Speed – Methamphetamine
  • Crystal – Methamphetamine
  • Ice – Methamphetamine
  • Xanibars – Xanax
  • Vic – Vicodin
  • Cotton – Oxycontin
  • Killers – Oxycontin
  • Kibbles n Bits – Ritalin

If you hear your teens using any of these phrases, it may be a sign that they are getting “turnt” (partying). So what do you do if you suspect your teen is using drugs?

Talk to them.

Having a calm, non-judgemental conversation with your teen can help them to stay on track with her plans for the future. Take steps to make sure you aren’t being a contributor, either. Secure alcohol, lock up prescription medications, and keep an eye out for further signs of teen drug abuse. Diligence on your part may be just what your teen needs to keep some partying or experimentation from turning into a devastating addiction.

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