Resetting a Safer Lock is quick and easy.

  • The combination can only be reset when the system is unlocked and able to be twisted on and off the bottle.
  • The correct combination is needed to put the cap on and to take the cap off.
  • Spinning the dials locks the cap.
  • If your combination does not work after you have successfully reset the combination it has been tampered with.

To reset the combination, follow these steps:

  • The combination can only be reset when Safer Lock is unlocked.
  • Locate the resetting hole on the side of Safer Lock.
  • Fully insert the reset pin into the reset hole.
  • Hold the pin fully inside of the reset hole.
  • Change the numbers to your personal combination.
  • Release the pin.
  • To make certain of a successful reset, press the first number closest to the reset hole and slightly wiggle the number. This insures that the new combination will set.
  • Safer Lock has been reset to your personal combination.
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